Who's Kayleigh Templeton?

So you love art, grooving to tunes and eating croissants too?! How have we not been friends before now? We've got a lot to catch up on, so I'll keep my intro short. 
I'm a young, 20 something Aussie, who can't remember a day she wasn't drawing. I have a Bachelor's degree in Digital Media majoring in Graphic Design. I love to paint and making other people smile. Oh and you might notice I love elephants too.

If you're interested in getting a commission done, don't be scared to get in contact! I'd love to meet you! I enjoy painting mostly animals, but have also enjoyed the challenge of people. 
Whether you want a fluffy animal, slick person or something I've never done before, come say hi! 
I'm excited for all projects big and small.

Otherwise sit back and immerse yourself into how I see the world. Explore my Portfolio, Facebook and Instagram. Have a bright day!

"A beautiful and sustainable world is possible"
- Kayleigh Templeton

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